Experience an MPESA PLC, Vending made Easy!!

What is an M-pesa PLC? You ask yourself huh? It is the operating system installed in water ATMs, Milk ATMs, Salad ATMs and even powder ATMs to enable the dispensing operation. It’s a new and improved PLC with the capability of allowing mobile money transfer in businesses that have the fore a mentioned machines.
A customer can confidently pay for their product of choice and the amount paid reflects on the LED display of this PLC.
The other advantage is that , it keeps the stock record and thus the owner is able to keep track of their stock without any inconveniences .
In addition to stock tracking, a vendor is comfortably able to keep record of the sales made in a given period of time as well as clear the sales record too.
The gadget is encrypted with private passwords for ease of management and accountability especially when the machines and running of the business are left in the hands of the employees.
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